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Please read our Spring Term Study Guide. Click on the link below.

Year 2 SATs Parent Information Session

Useful Information

** PLEASE NOTE: 2A PE will now be on a Tuesday and Wednesday

PE days - Tuesday and Wednesday

Spelling Test - Monday


We have been learning how to program an object using a set of instructions (code). Follow the link below to have a go:

Outdoor PE

This term we will be learning Invasion games, using a theme around Peter Pan characters. 

In our warm up we pretend to be pirates preparing a ship.

Try these commands and see what actions we have learnt.


Scrub the deck!

Captains coming!

Look for treasure!

Polly Parrot

Walk the Plank



Invasion games develop basic ball handling skills like rolling, throwing, defending, catching, kicking and dribbling a ball (with hands and feet). Why not practice some of these skills at home.


Some simple games to try are:


Rollerball- create 2 goal areas about 1 metre apart. Try to roll the ball into your partners goal area. Take it in turns and don't forget to defend your zone!


Throw and catch the ball in the air to yourself. How many times can you throw and catch in a minute?


Mirror me - roll a ball around your body and get someone to copy you!


Watch this space for more game ideas coming soon!


PE update

We have been learning to dribble! (with a ball) Ask your child to show you how they can bounce a ball with thier hands and how they can move a ball using their feet with control!!


Why not set an obstacle course up outside and ask your child to weave the ball in and out of the course. We would love to see some photos of you perfecting your skills! 

Maths Activities

Here are some maths games to try at home to help with various maths skills. Why not try one a day? - Measuring Scales games - Telling the time game Times table sheet generator Times table game. More times tables games!


Keep trying to learn those all important common exception words!


You could:

-  Write them in different colour pens (Rainbow spellings)

-  Put them on post-its and hide them around the house. When you find a word, spell it and win it!

-  Use magnetic letters to spell 5 of the words on the fridge each week

-  Use foam letters in the bath or shower to spell the words, or just use your finger and the bubbles!

-  'Paint' spellings onto pavements or fences in the garden with an old paintbrush and water

-  Paint your spellings onto big sheets of paper

- For those of you who like getting messy, fill a baking tray with shaving foam or a little cornflour and water, and        write your spellings in the mixture

- Find your spellings in a newspaper or magazine, cut them out and collect them


For a list of the words visit:


Or try this online game: