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Absence Procedures

If your child requires any time off school then a “LEAVE OF ABSENCE FORM” must be completed and handed into the Admin Centre. This includes any appointments such as doctors, dentists, hospital or holidays. Approval should be sought prior to the leave of absence.


If your child is unwell and unable to attend school, please telephone us before 9.30am, or drop by the Admin Centre and let us know. If they are absent for more than one day, please let us know each day.


See Forms for Leave of Absence Form

Attendance v Sickness

We take pride in improving our attendance figures and wish to ensure that ever pupil is given the opportunity to succeed at our school. In order to succeed pupils need to attend school on a regular basis. Sometimes when pupils are under the weather, the distraction of their lessons and their friends can help them get through the day. The school would appreciate the support of parents by assessing the severity of the child's illness and where-ever possible to send their children to school.


If your child needs further support at school our Teaching Assistants and Admin staff are trained in First Aid and will happily assist your child to try and keep them at school. If it is felt that the child can no longer cope at school, we will contact the parents to collect their child.


Please see Medical as to the medicines that the school can administer with your permission.