Wavendon Gate School


Pupil Wellbeing

Class teachers oversee the health, welfare and overall development of the children in their care. Our support staff will tend to pupils who become unwell or are accidentally hurt. We are willing to administer prescribed medicines, including inhalers, with written parental permission, please see our Medical section. Parents whose children have specific health or welfare needs are asked to discuss these with a member of staff.

Keeping your child safe online

If you need any further support or guidance, check out the website pages and step-by-step guide on line, call the O2 and NSPCC Online Safety Helpline on 0808 800 5002, or pop into your local O2 store for help from a Guru.

Learning Mentors

We have two Learning Mentors who are employed to work improving the emotional well-being of our children. They support specific children and their families where a need has been identified, working with individiuals and small groups. They use a variety of approaches all of which help the children feel happier and more confident, which has a positive impact on their learning and progress.

Keeping Healthy

We are constantly working on further development of our curriculum to ensure that pupils are aware of health issues such as eating a balanced diet and drinking water throughout the day.


We are a very active school when it comes to curriculum based sport, lunchtime activities and after school clubs. We have a very large number of children involved in sport related activities on a daily basis and many of our teams do well in local competitions. We also hold a variety of 'Healthy Living' events and curricular activities.

Visits & Residential Trips

The pupils are given a wide variety of opportunities to attend a visit where they can apply their new knowledge in a real-life environment, to embed their learning. The school also organises visits to introduce a new area of learning to stimulate and inspire the pupils ready for their learning. Residential trips are organised with a subject focus and provide valuable experience for the pupils to be away from home, to learn to manage appropriate peer and social interactions. When arranging any visits or trips out of school, we follow the Milton Keynes Educational Visits policy.