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Autumn 1 Newsletter

Subject Star of the Week - Homework

Subject Star of the Week - Homework 1

Children In Need

Useful Information

Who's Who:

Miss Miller - Teacher

Mrs Carrivick - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Cairns - French Teacher

Mrs Boseley - HLTA Cover Teacher


Diary Dates

Tuesday 12th November - Wear odd socks for anti-bullying week

Friday 15th November  - Wear something spotty or sporty for Children In Need (£1 donation)

Monday 16th December - Homework due in

Friday 20th December - End of Term



Over the next few weeks we will be assessing the spelling rules that have been taught in Year 3 and Year 4. Regular spelling tests will take place over the coming weeks before we begin this year's new spelling scheme.


Spelling test will be: Friday 15th November.


Miss Miller's Spelling Group


debt subtle
crumb thumb
knit knuckle
know wriggled
wholesome answering
wheel rhythm
anchor choir
reign design
autumn column
whistle castle


Mr Scott's Spelling Group


deform defraud
defrost derail
destroy review
reform rearrange
reorganise repair
reply prearrange
preparation preoccupied
prediction nonsense
non-effective non-essential
non-stick prehistoric



Reading Books

The children have been assessed on their reading level and the reading journal are used to record their reading and comments they wish to make about this. The library is now open and 5B have been enjoying the new facilities. Children are still encouraged to read at home. It is important that children bring a reading book to school every day.



Our PE days are Tuesday (Outdoor) and Thursday (Indoor) so please ensure children come into school on those days correctly equipped for their PE lessons. 


The children have been allocated their homework for this half term and have been sent home with their new homework books. Maths and English homework is compulsory. Then from the remaining 10 homeworks they must complete 4, totalling 6. Children may complete all the tasks if they wish and can hand it in before the deadline.

If any problems arise, please come and ask. 


Homework is due: Monday 16th December 2019.

Supporting Your Child in Year 5

Supporting Your Child in Year 5 Power Point

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