Wavendon Gate School


Art work

Scarlett-Rose's snail picture
Jacob accepted Mr Griffith's art challenge
Travis has designed his own Liverpool football top
Kai breaks a world record!
Emilia has combined her art and IT skills
Laitham has combined his art and IT skills
Riley's "The Amazing Map" in the style of Matisse
Finley's sunflowers in the style of Van Gogh
Hisham's Van Gogh inspired picture
Chloe's waterlilies inspired by Monet
Ellis's combined art and computer skills
Emily has created a beautiful rainbow fish
Annabel has painted a 'Happy Machine'!
Billy's 'Starry Starry Night' artwork
Chloe has been inspired by Monet
Isabella's interpretation of a Monet foggy day
Chloe's Westminster Bridge on a foggy night
Chloe has produced a garden in the style of Monet

Nusaib has been very creative - look at his wonderful drawings!