Wavendon Gate School


Art work

Picture 1 Archie working incredible hard
Picture 2 Arthur and Dylan have created a super shop!
Picture 3 Austin using his artistic skills to paint
Picture 4 Chloe's been celebrating her birthday in style!
Picture 5 Chloe's lovely art homework
Picture 6 Emily's amazing creations!
Picture 7 Emily's Easter fun hoopla game!
Picture 8 Emma's careful and accurate observational drawing
Picture 9 Emma's homemade glitter slime!
Picture 10 Evie's art skills have brightened our day!
Picture 11 Ezra and Elano's beautiful Easter art work!
Picture 12 Georgia's fantastic pirate ship
Picture 13 Hannah's homemade glitter slime!
Picture 14 Hisham being inventive with rubbish
Picture 15 Hamid's robot
Picture 16 Holly celebrating her 11th Birthday
Picture 17 Important message from Hollie
Picture 18 Isabella and Sebastian have been building bridges!
Picture 19 Isabella's amazing hat for the Queen
Picture 20 Jessica learning all about the NHS
Picture 21 Joshua's newspaper article. You must read it!
Picture 22 Lincoln learning to sew
Picture 23 Lincoln's fantastic pizza!
Picture 24 Lottie's pretend classroom
Picture 25 Maja's busy creating colourful spring artwork
Picture 26 Nathan making some yummy Easter nests
Picture 27 Saindhavi enjoying Easter
Picture 28 Sakura's shoebox beach scene
Picture 29 Savannah's shoebox arctic scene
Picture 30 Taran's lovely colourful thank you message
Picture 31 Vaishnavi enjoying Easter
Picture 32 Watch out Emmie!
Picture 33 What a delicate and detailed drawing from Hannah!
Picture 34 Zak's shoebox tropical scene
Picture 35 Alex's amazing Greek sword
Picture 36 Archie showing off his amazing work!
Picture 37 A vibrant painting by Hollie G
Picture 38 Rhys painting away in the garden
Picture 39 Lilah's art work with leaves
Picture 40 Fantastic painting by Hollie
Picture 41 Abbie's beautiful artwork!
Picture 42 Maya's artwork
Picture 43 Hollie's art today
Picture 44 Chloe doing her art homework.
Picture 45 Chloe's finished artwork.
Picture 46 Freya's stick people picture.
Picture 47 Sebastian's fantastic pirate ship!
Picture 48 Paige's fantastic horse!
Picture 49 Caleb and his sister are busy creating art!
Picture 50 Aadam's amazing art work!
Picture 51 Hisham's new car.
Picture 52 Amber's mosaic art.
Picture 53 Riley's amazing rocket!
Picture 54 Austin's amazing art!
Picture 55 Lincoln's fabulous creation!
Picture 56 Joshua doing a self portrait!
Picture 57 Scott's poignant VE Day art.
Picture 58 Emily's amazing art work!
Picture 59 Abbie's mosaic artwork.
Picture 60 Ruby's amazing VE art work!
Picture 61 Ruby's work up close- it's stunning!
Picture 62 Arthur and Dylan making a huge monster
Picture 63 Dylan doing lots of artwork
Picture 64 Dylan's excellent mask
Picture 65 Pola's fantastic artwork!
Picture 66 Emmie doing her artwork
Picture 67 Xavier's fantastic drawings
Picture 68 Vaishnavi's great artwork
Picture 69 Marshall's marvellous tiger picture!
Picture 70 Travis and Scarlett-Rose's detailed artwork
Picture 71 Emily's fantastic picture!
Picture 72 Savannah's Matisse snail picture
Picture 73 Zak's Matisse snail picture
Picture 74 Chloe's Matisse snail picture
Picture 75 Chloe's fantastic Warhol inspired picture!

Caitlin's art work