Wavendon Gate School


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Maths - Please complete 2 pages a day

English Days 1-5 Fantastic Mr Fox

Reading: Day 1: To compare non-fiction and fiction texts.


Have a look at home for fiction (story) books and non-fiction (information) books.


Discuss these questions: What is similar and different about them? What does the reader use them for? Which do you prefer, fiction or non fiction?

Challenge: Write your answers down and send them to your teacher.

Reading day 2 - LO: Read and answer questions about a text. Choose your level of difficulty starting at 1 star.

Reading day 3 and 4 Book Review. Choose a fiction and non fiction book and write a review about them.

Reading Day 5 and 6: Choose your favourite poem. Practise reading it, can you memorise a part of it? Can you memorise ALL of it?

Science week 1 - Historical scientists. Guess which statement is not true and then research the scientists to find if you were correct. Then you should check the answers provided. Choose your favourite one and make a fact file about him/her