Wavendon Gate School


Click here for remote learning work if your child is waiting for Covid results

Completed work can be emailed to or brought in when when your child returns to school after their absence. Otherwise, send via google classroom to your class teacher. Post the work directly to the live stream area.


Each day you are off, you should complete 1 English task, 1 Maths task and 1 Foundation task (either science, history or art). You should also practice your weekly spellings (found on spellings tab) and read to an adult. There are extra maths and grammar work at the end of this page if you wish for more practice. 

Science - Follow the slides and then complete the investigation to see which materials are magnetic at home. Extension: wordsearch.

Art- William Morris. Read th fact sheet about William Morris. Then have a practice using the 'warm up' sheet to copy each pattern. After, copy one of your favourite patterns from William Morris and colour in with similar colours. Be careful and concise with your colouring.

History- Look at the medieval monarch timeline. Pick one monarch (in green) and create a timeline of their life using key events. Use google for your research.