Wavendon Gate School


Ethos, Aims & Values

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We Grow Success


At Wavendon Gate School, we have a culture where every child has the opportunity to achieve their full potential, leading to a bright future.



We aim to:

  • provide a safe, secure and happy learning environment, which enables both children and staff to thrive
  • grow lasting success by enabling children to develop their creative, social and academic skills
  • develop well-rounded healthy individuals who are, motivated, confident, ambitious and resilient
  • inspire a passion for learning by offering all children a broad, balanced and progressive curriculum
  • build an inclusive community promoting our school values as chosen by our children



  1. Friendship - September

  2. Good Manners - October

  3. Honesty - November

  4. Kindness - December

  5. Sharing - January

  6. Patience - February

  7. Equality - March

  8. Respect - April

  9. Cooperation - May

  10. Perseverance - June

  11. Self-belief - July

The Promotion of ‘British Values’

At Wavendon Gate School, we promote fundamental British Values across the school curriculum and  is monitored and promoted by the Head, SLT, teachers, teaching assistance and all staff. Through a series of planned lessons, assemblies, visitors and trips, Wavendon Gate Primary School ensures that all children's growth and understanding is met to the highest standard. 


These values are:


  • We have completed a series of assemblies about democracy.
  • We have discussed how democracy works both in schools and the wider community.
  • Throughout the year, we hold school council elections using a secret ballot.


Individual Liberty

  • Within school, children are encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Pupils make choices during their lessons, e.g. which targets they are meeting on their assessment sheets and what their 'next steps' may be.
  • Children also have lots of choices at lunchtime - from climbing the playground apparatus to reading or playing games.
  • We have many different clubs during and after school so that pupils can pursue their passions. 


Mutual Respect

  • Adults throughout the school work to demonstrate and promote respect for others by their actions. 
  • Older children reinforce this through age-related responsibilities such as: buddies, digital leaders. 
  • We foster a respect for other cultures and countries.
  • We value our relationships as fundamental to our development and our community. 


Rule of Law

  • Throughout Wavendon Gate School, pupils follow golden rules and School values.
  • We regularly discuss the reasons behind this and how it keeps us safe in school.
  • Regular assemblies during the year, reinforce our rules and values. 
  • When rules are broken, appropriate actions are taken to learn from this. 
  • Our school ethos, 'We grow success' celebrates the effort we put into our work. 


Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs

  • At Wavendon Gate, we understand that Great Britain is a multi-cultural nation which has Christianity as the main religion of the population. 
  • As a result, Christianity receives an appropriate weighting within the Religious Education (RE) curriculum with our visits and visitors. 
  • However, as part of our RE programme, we also study a range of other faiths that are prominent in our society. Knowledge is shared from different religions in order to enhance our learning.