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Miss Hough                               Miss Sear



Mrs Sidat                          Mrs Shardlow




Teaching Assistants

Miss Ray   


Mrs Fernando 


Mrs Rowe        


Mrs Del Basso   


Mrs Parker     


Welcome to the Ladybird Class


Class Teacher

Miss Hough


Teaching Assistants

Miss Ray and Mrs Fernando

Foundation Long Term Plan

Curriculum newsletter - Spring

The Lighthouse building Challenge

Jake's First Day | Twinkl Originals Children's Book Reading

You can find the ebook here 👉 Today's story is 'Jake's First Day'. Jake's feeling a little bit nervous about his first day ...

How Many Legs?

How Many Legs? Author: Kes Gray Illustrator: Jim Field How many legs would there be if a polar bear came for tea? How high would the leg count go if a squid ...

Sounds of the seaside

How does this piece of music make you feel? What can you hear?

Tour of Edwinstowe Fire Station

This is a brilliant video that I think you will all really enjoy. It is a video of a firefighter called Jo Dawson from Edwinstowe Fire Station and she is doing a tour of the station.

Donald Duck's Home Learning - Patterns

Donald Duck has been busy creating his own patterns with things he can find around his home. Can you create your own patterns with objects in your home? Donald would love to see them! 

Donald Duck's Home Learning - Number Hunt

Donald Duck has been busy doing a number hunt in the kitchen. He searched around the kitchen to see what numbers he could find. Can you do a number hunt in your home? What numbers can you find?

Donald Duck's Home Learning - Shape Hunt

Donald Duck has been busy doing a shape hunt. He searched around his home to see what shapes he could find. Can you search for shapes in your home? What shapes can you find? 

Donald Duck's Science Experiment

Still image for this video

Donald Duck's Home learning-Positional Language





Donald Duck loves to play hide and seek. Can you see where he is hiding? Donald Duck would like you to play hide and seek with him. Can you or one of your teddies find some different places to hide? Donald Duck found something to hide inside, next to, behind and under. Can you do the same?

Reading and Writing Challenges

  • Read your favourite book or books- Which is your favourite part of the story? What could happen if the story did not end there? What could happen next?  If you could meet one of the characters what would you ask them?
  • Can you make up your own story using your toys as props and tell it to your family. 
  • Using your favourite books, pick a letter and then look to see how many words you can find that start with that letter? 
  • Think of a word e.g cat. How many more words can you think of that rhyme with it? What is the longest rhyming string you can make e.g. dog, log, frog, Mog. Can you think of any more words to add to this rhyming string?
  • Can you write a list of all the words that rhyme with the words cat, pig, pen? Can you think of your own words to rhyme? 
  • Can you write me a letter to tell me all about yourself and the things you like to do? What is your favourite lesson, story, thing to eat? What could I help you with? What makes you happy or sad? 

School Closure- Useful Resources and Activities

Please find a list of free resources and activities that you can complete with your child at home. You do not have to complete these with your child they are just suggestions of activities that I have seen online and I thought I would share them with you. Please also keep checking the home learning page on the website for weekly challenges your child. Stay Safe


Read Write Inc (RWI) Lessons

There will be free RWI Speed Sound Lessons on the Ruth Miskin Training Youtube page everyday (this currently goes until the 19th of May)

These lesson will be as follows am

Set 1                                          Set 2                                                             Set 3

Speed Sounds at 9:30               Speed Sounds and Word Time at 10:00      Speed Sounds and Word Time at 10:30

Word Time at 9:45                     Spelling at 10:15                                           Spelling 10:45

Spelling at 10:00


Storytime with Nick (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) at 2:00pm


Phonic Play

See the message below from them for Free access to online phonics games.   new website for Early Years.



Twinkl have got lots of resources on their website and they are currently offering it for free. To access the free trail go to



Oxford Owl are offering access to free online books



Check out Number blocks on the link below


For Wildlife ideas 

Lots of Zoo's are offering virtual tours whilst we are in lock down. See the links below for further details


Physical activities

Yoga with Cosmic kids at

Dough Disco at  This will need some play dough but is great for strengthening the muscles we use to make us super writers. 




Please find different ideas, activities and web links to support your child with their learning.

This weeks Subject Star is Savannah

 for Reading

Read, Write Inc


Congratulations to all of you for taking part in the big morning move for children in need.