Wavendon Gate School


Friends of WG

Like a Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Friends of Wavendon Gate is a charitable organisation. Friends work in partnership with the school to raise funds and provide social opportunities for the school community to meet and get to know each other. This is a valuable group and the committee are very keen to engage new support. However, you don't have to be a parent to become a 'Friend'. Anyone who has a connection with the school can be part of it. So grandparents, parents/carers, etc are all very welcome.


To give you an idea of the sort of events we have organised and how we have spent money, here is a flavour........... 


How Friends Helps the School?

Our children are benefiting from the money raised since the school opened. At the school productions, the school uses the lighting and sound systems purchased by the Friends to produce fantastic plays, shows and events. These facilities are not normally available within a primary school, so it is great to have this technology.


Some of the projects which we have supported this year are as follows;


  • The ever popular HOTDOG lunch, which is much anticipated and enjoyed by the students.

  • Providing tea and cake at parents evenings and the grandparents visit to the school.

  • The Decorate an Egg Competition to encourage creativity.

  • The Family Movie Evening, which was enjoyed by all.

  • The Easter Bunny Surprise visit to the school to hand out spiced tea cakes


How Can I join in with this friendly group?

There are so many different ways to help, and we are always grateful to all our 'Friends' for their time in volunteering, and even an hour on an ad hoc basis is of benefit to everyone and our 'aims'.


Why not come along to one of our meetings and any ideas for future fundraising events would be most welcome. Dates of the meetings are always published on the notice board at the entrance to the school.


To contact the committee you can leave your details at the Admin Centre or by email to: