Wavendon Gate School


Help Your Child to Learn


We are confident that parents will join us in our aim that all our children make the most of their talents and that of other pupils and their education. High levels of attendance are crucial for this to happen. Without regular attendance children’s learning is disrupted and they risk not maximising their potential.


Parents are strongly advised to avoid booking family holidays in term time because of the disruption this can cause to children’s learning. Changes to government guidelines in 2013 mean that we are no longer able to authorise any holidays taken in term time. Leave of absence forms are available from the Admin Centre.

Partnership with parents

We recognise the crucial role parents play in their children’s education, and place great value on our partnership with parents. It is only by working together that we will achieve the best for your child.


At the beginning of each term we will send home a 'Study Guide' which outlines the work to be covered that term. We hold termly Parents’ Evenings, and parents are welcome to talk to us any time about matters which concern them. If a teacher can’t see you immediately because of a prior commitment they will always be happy to make an appointment to see you later.


We are always happy to hear from parents who can offer some time to help in school. This may be a regular commitment or a ‘one off’. You could hear readers, support in lessons or organise materials and resources. If you are able to help please contact your child’s teacher.


Supporting your child in Foundation

SATs Meeting Year 2 & Year 6 - February 2017