Wavendon Gate School



The winning house for the week was ...





The winning house for the terms was ...







Books, breaks, cups and tea with the Head Teacher.


There are many things on offer for the winning house!


Houses 1 Caldecotte
Houses 2 Willen
Houses 3 Furzton
Houses 4 Tongwell

What are houses?


To celebrate each child's achievement in school, they are also a member of a house. As a school community, we collectively chose the names of local lakes in Milton Keynes:










These were selected and ratified by our school council as they celebrate our local area. We also link the houses to colours for an additional sense of belonging. 

House Points are awarded for ...


Showing the school values in action


Exceptional effort or achievement


To celebrate success 


To show the appreciation of any adult in school about the positive actions of a child

The role of the children in houses


To offer additional responsibilities and a sense of pride in the houses, Year 2 and Year 6 have chosen house captains. 


These children will represent their house if they win the weekly trophy. They have the responsibility of choosing new books for the school library, if their house wins. At Sports Day and other appropriate school events, they will act as a leader for their house.


Celebration of the houses


Each week, the total of the house points earned by each child per house is calculated. The winning house is announced in assembly, which will usually be led by Mr Cox.


Every half term, the winning house will have the reward of their captain choosing for the school library a new book.


At the end of the major terms, the winning house will have the reward of their captain choosing for the school library a new book and an additional break time.


At the end of the school year, in conjunction with the Sports Day house points total, the winning house will receive the above rewards and a celebration event.

House Point Total







Winning House
Autumn Term 1 1, 189 957 1, 394 1, 235 Furzton
Autumn Term 2 1, 569 1, 608 1, 773 1, 697 Furzton
Autumn Term Total 2, 758 2, 562 3, 167 2, 932 Furzton
Spring Term 1 1, 803 1, 777 1, 899 1, 744 Furzton
Spring Term 2 Total  1, 193 1, 329 1, 199 1, 352 Tongwell
Spring Term Total  2, 996 3, 106 3, 098 3, 096 Willen 
Running Total  5, 754 5, 668 6, 265 6, 035 _