Wavendon Gate School


Indoor Athletics

Report by Sophie and Jenny.


On the 5th January 2019 Wavendon Gate entered the MKPSAA Indoor Athletics competition. Our squad should have contained 14 athletes but unfortunately 4 couldn’t come. That left us with very little chance to win. But that depended on our opponents. We were against seven different schools in Milton Keynes. Every one there tried their hardest.


For the first half, all the girls did their challenges. These included long jump, triple jump, speed bounce and javelin throw.


Then the boys did the exact same thing for the other half. Then they had a major cleanup for the boy and girl hurdles. Luckily Sophie came 4th in the hurdles as well as Tavanashe he was placed 3rd.


On the second hurdle race, a boy from another school nearly stepped on Sophie. Next the girls did 2 lap sprint.


After the girls, it was time for the boys to run the 2 lap sprint. Fortunately, Jude came 2nd in the 2 lap sprint.                    


Next the girls did the 4 lap sprint and Jenny came 3rd. Callum came 4th in the boys 4 lap sprint.


Finally, we found out our scores. Unfortunately, we came last but there was great team spirit and commitment !


Well done to our team of :- Sophie, Jenny, Sophia, Millie, Nina, Jude ,Lewis, Callum, Harvey, Tavanashe and Azariah.