Wavendon Gate School


Mrs I Flynn - Class 3A

Notice Board


Welcome back to the Summer 2 term! 

We hope you've had a lovely break.

We are excited to welcome you back to our last half term, and have lots of  fun learning planned.  



If your child is on the Ultimate level test we will be running these every other week so that we can give them time to apply their multiplication skills in various different scernario and games. This should provide them with even more of a a challenge! So please only expect to see your sheet coming home once every two weeks.


This term our weekly arithmetic sheet will also be coming home to you. The children mark these in class with a purple pen, ticking if they get the answer correct or fixing it to the correct answer. If you child has any fixes please take some time to go over these styles of questions to help develop their fluency in Maths.


PE - Our P.E. days are the same as before, Monday and Tuesday. The first one is indoor and the second one is outdoor. 

Make sure you bring not only your PE jumpers in case it is windy/cold outside. It is also very important that you have your water bottles with you to make sure you drink enough during the day as well as supply hats and/or sun cream if your child is sensitive to the sun.

Since we are allowed to use the field at break times, those with hay fever, may need to take their medication (tablets, creams) to prevent any allergic reactions.


Spellings will be sent home on Fridays and tested on the following

Friday as before.

All children should have brought home a copy of the Year 3/4 Statutory Word List. If it has been lost, you can find a copy on the Summer tab. We would like the children to practise the words beginning with c and e.  Of course, they may challenge themselves and practise more.

We will do our first spelling test on Friday 10th June. Thank you for all of your support


Reading Diaries should be in school every day but remember the new weekly minimum of 4 readings which are checked and rewarded on every Monday.  Keep up with your fantastic home reading. You have done ever so well last half term. It makes us so proud to be your teachers and to see your love of reading and your progression.


Carry on bringing in researched topics to present it to the class and interesting information or projects to show the class. Alternatively, you can share your work on Seesaw too. 

Keep using TT Rockstar as frequently as you can, we need every one of you to win those battles, Mr Scott is setting for us. ;-)


Thank you for your continuous effort at home supporting your children in their progression and keeping them enthusiastic about our learning.




Annabel G 26/4

Hendrix B 29/5

Joey F  11/06

Sydney-Rose D 29/06

Jack E 02/07

Noah M 02/07

Blake W 02/07

Isla C 10/07

Oscar M 11/07

Skyla M 15/07

Aimee M 17/07

Ellie C 10/08

Georgia P 24/08

Dylan B 25/08

Bella P 25/08

Elijah R 25/08