Wavendon Gate School



I am Nathan and I am 9 years old,I live half an hour away from school and cycle here everyday with my mum.I have a big brother,my mum works with food and my dad work with cars.I am super excited to come back to school to meet you and see all my friends again.Here are a few things you should know about me;

1.I love cars especially race cars,but my favourite car is a Porsche 911,every year I go with my mum and dad to watch our favourite racing series the British Touring Car Championship.
2.I love Formula 1 I don’t have a favourite team but I love the sound of the cars and the different liveries.
3.I like Lego very much building models and making my own with my dad.
4.I like to ride my bike everywhere but especially at the pump track in browns wood my mum and dad take me there.
5.I own a Nintendo lite switch and love to play mario games and rocket league especially.
6.I like to watch YouTube videos of mine craft and fortnite as I do not play the games myself but it’s cool seeing other people do it.
7.I love to go on walks,bike rides and on my scooter with my mum and dad.
8.My favourite colour is green.
9.I love to watch Cartoon Network it is my favourite channel on our Sky Q box.
10.I love to read I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire,I have seen all the movies but my mum said I should read the books.I have read 10 pages every day during lock down and am almost finish the book,I really have enjoyed it.