Wavendon Gate School


Appreciating our NHS and Key Workers

Here are some beautiful rainbows created by our students to cheer up everyone's day. When you are out on a walk, look out for the rainbows shining out from windows in the houses that you walk past. If you have a rainbow that you have created and would like to add it to our page please email a picture to:
Kitty's rainbow
Evie's rainbow
Isabella and Sebastian's rainbows
Maleah's rainbow
Maja's rainbow
Arthur and Dylan's rainbow
George's rainbow
Charlotte and Jack's rainbow
Scott's rainbow
Danny thanking lots of key workers
Emma and Hannah's balloon rainbow
Emma and Hannah's chalk rainbow
Lottie creating her rainbow
Lottie's fantastic rainbow!
Chloe painting a fantastic rainbow
Chloe's rainbow for everyone to see!
Emmie and Ella's fantastic rainbow!
Chloe's rainbow!
Lilah's amazing rainbow!
Amelia's fantastic rainbows!
Abbie's fantastic rainbow!
Lincoln's rainbow and flag
Marshall's rainbow cloud.
Ella's beautiful rainbow.
Naimah's rainbow