Wavendon Gate School


Photos of children receiving postcards

Ellis receiving his postcard.
Rhys receiving his postcard.
Well done Amber!
Fantastic Hamid!
Well done Hollie!
Well done Max!
Fantastic Madeleine!
Well done Ollie!
Well done Max!
Well done Fearne!
Well deserved Marshall!
Well done Hamza
Excellent Pola!
Fantastic Xavier!
Well done Saindhavi!
Well done Semilore!
Well done Charlotte!
Fantastic Jack!
Well done Hisham!
Excellent Caleb!
Well deserved Hisham!
Well done Chloe!
Well done Hamid!
Well done Hamza!
Well deserved Chloe!
Great work Lincoln!
Well done Connor and Noah!
Fantastic Percy!
Great work Holly!
Excellent work Hamid!
Fantastic Chloe!
Well deserved Hisham!
Excellent Isabella!