Wavendon Gate School



At Wavendon Gate School, we follow the Milton Keynes Agreed R.E. Syllabus, supported by the Discovery program of work, to promote rich, exciting and challenging learning based around religion. This widening experience is designed to secure understanding, empathy and compassion in the diverse community around us. We ensure that the children are given opportunity for deep thinking, debate and reflection through philosophical enquiry each term. This takes the form of a key question based around a religion common to the Milton Keynes community. (Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam.) Each enquiry follows a sequence of engagement, investigation, evaluation and expression.


There are two strands of attainment targets that are the foundations of the R.E. Curriculum. The first target is focused on learning about religion, incorporating behaviour, belief and belonging; the second is learning from religion, gaining spiritual, moral, social and cultural opportunities. There is clear progression in the Discovery Program, of skills and attitudes relating to spirituality and moral understanding.  There are frequent opportunities for pupils to build upon previous learning by revisiting key concepts and rituals. Pupils in the younger years spend time learning key knowledge related to common religions whilst older pupils are required to apply their knowledge to make informed opinions.


First and foremost, we believe that R.E. makes a significant contribution to helping “pupils develop and demonstrate skills and attitudes that will allow them to participate fully in and contribute positively to life in modern Britain,” through practising the skills of tolerance and mutual respect as seen in Fundamental British Values. RE provides us with opportunities to develop pupils learning and understanding of people they will meet, work and live alongside.

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