Wavendon Gate School


Reading and Phonics

At Wavendon Gate School, we see reading as an integral part of our school curriculum that impacts on all learning. We value the importance of being a confident reader and work hard to develop children’s reading skills. We want children to enjoy reading a wide range of different books and be able to talk about books and authors.


In our school, children participate in reading activities every day. These vary from taught sessions to opportunities for reading for pleasure and information. During guided reading lessons, children are taught and given opportunities to apply reading skills which include: phonics, sight vocabulary, contextual cues, comprehension, inference and deduction. Teachers use a range of carefully selected resources when teaching children to read. Every opportunity is seized throughout the day to enable pupils to use their reading skills when accessing other areas of the curriculum. Teachers read aloud to the children on a daily basis and engage them, through active discussions, in order to promote an enjoyment of reading and to expose them to a range of vocabulary that may be beyond their current reading ability. 

Early Readers

At Wavendon Gate School we teach early reading using a programme called Read Write Inc. Children at our school learn to read using a systematic approach to recognise the sounds that letters make; we call this phonics. Children in Reception and Year 1 have daily phonics lessons to develop their independence in reading. Click on the link below to find out more about phonics.

Emergent and Confident Readers

Once children have a sufficient knowledge of phonics to read some short books independently, reading skills are developed through daily guided reading lessons. During these lessons, children are encouraged to discuss books with a growing understanding and enthusiasm. Exciting and challenging texts are chosen to broaden pupils' understanding of language, develop fluency and further enjoyment. Please see our overview below which outlines our class focus texts for guided reading sessions.

Guided reading focus texts

Independent reading

Every child at Wavendon Gate School is given a book from our school reading scheme that they can take home and share with you.  Once they have read the book they can change it in school for another, working through the reading scheme and moving on to the next book band when ready. Children are regularly assessed using an online system to measure fluency, accuracy and comprehension. The books are available from Reception to year 6 and they are colour coded with the children moving to the next band when secure with the previous one and have read a breadth of genres including fiction and non fiction titles. Click on the link below to find out more about the school book banding system.