Wavendon Gate School


School Council

School Council Virtual Meetings - Date of next meeting - Friday 6th November 2020


School Council Representatives will submit your views, ideas and concerns on Friday 6th November.  Please make sure your voice is heard and that your views are recorded in your the School Council Representative Book.

Your voice is important and your views matter!


Many Thanks.

Hello Everyone,

I suppose you are wondering what has happened to the Wavendon Gate School Council?  The School Council has always been an important part of our school.  It allows the pupils to have their say about different matters which affect our school, well-being and our learning.  Every pupil has the right to express their ideas and to have a student voice.

Normally, the School Council is elected at the start of a new academic year, but last year we had lockdown and the School Council representatives did not complete their term of service.  This means that we are continuing with the same School Council children as last year.

Obviously, we cannot meet, but we can voice our concerns and ideas about the school to our School Council Representatives who will write these ideas down in the books provided.

Our main areas of focus are as follows:-


  1. How can we look after our pupils, even though we are in our bubbles?
  2. How can we keep in touch with each other within the school?
  3. How can we help anyone who has worries or concerns?
  4. What whole school fun activities could we all do to raise the spirits and well-being?

If you have any ideas about the above, please tell your representatives and they will record your ideas in their book.

School Council representatives – if you have any ideas, please record them as well.  Our monthly share of ideas day will be Friday 6th November.  Your ideas must be sent to Mrs Murray by or on this date.

I hope you are all happy and working the best you can.  Please give your ideas – they are important to your school.


Best Regards,

Mrs Murray


Top Ten Tips from Your School Council

  1. Think about yourself. Enjoy each day of learning and do your best.
  2. Respect each other.
  3. Be kind, we are all getting used to being back to school after lockdown.
  4. Work as a team, share the load and delegate tasks together, such as Playground leaders.
  5. Share your worries.  There are lots of teachers who will listen, as well as your friends.
  6. Support each other.
  7. Ask questions, if there is something you don’t know, just ask.
  8. Feelings are important. Be happy and share your worries, if you have any.
  9. Work with your teachers – they care!
  10. Check the School-Website, it has lots of information about your class and the whole school.

We hope this helps you to be the best you can be.

School Council Representatives