Wavendon Gate School


Science and DT work

Picture 1 Charlotte and Jack are having fun baking
Picture 2 Charlotte busy cooking
Picture 3 Chloe has been busy planting seeds
Picture 4 Emily and Olivia having fun baking - delicious!
Picture 5 Emmie enjoying some baking!
Picture 6 Isla's science experiment
Picture 7 Jack trying not to eat all the cookies he made!
Picture 8 Kainan has his first aid certificate for choking!
Picture 9 Kainan making Viking beer and flatbread
Picture 10 Lilah using her maths skills to bake - yum!
Picture 11 Percy looking for tadpoles
Picture 12 Percy's tadpoles!
Picture 13 Sam's life cycle of a caterpillar
Picture 14 Scott's amazing baking
Picture 15 Sebastian and Isabella using their science skills
Picture 16 Travis is busy preparing a tasty lunch
Picture 17 Alexa busy using her maths skills to make cakes!
Picture 18 Austin's amazing cakes!
Picture 19 Ava's amazing doughnuts
Picture 20 Lainie-Rose's super science experiment
Picture 21 Rhys focusing on his construction
Picture 22 Andrew busy baking
Picture 23 Kainan's amazing science
Picture 24 Amelia making some jellies.
Picture 25 Freya's delicious cake!
Picture 26 Ruby on Hazard Alley.
Picture 27 Annabel's leaf experiment.
Picture 28 Hamza's fantastic solar system.
Picture 29 Elijah doing some amazing baking.
Picture 30 David is busy classifying animals.
Picture 31 Jessica and Hollie completing their science work.
Picture 32 Jessica and Hollie the scientists!
Picture 33 Sam's super science work!
Picture 34 Paige has been busy making cakes.
Picture 35 David doing his science lesson.
Picture 36 Scarlett-Rose learning to cut out.
Picture 37 Scarlett-Rose's science experiment.
Picture 38 Caitlin cooking her wartime cake.
Picture 39 Emily's carrot growing.
Picture 40 Hollie's science work.
Picture 41 Amazing cakes by Lincoln.
Picture 42 Lincoln the scientist.
Picture 43 Sam working hard
Picture 44 Ella concentrating hard
Picture 45 Riley doing some amazing baking.
Picture 46 Austin with his science experiment.
Picture 47 Layla-Rae baking.
Picture 48 Finley's work on caterpillars
Picture 49 Charlotte has made her own haribo sweets!
Picture 50 Bobby's science experiment.
Picture 51 Caitlin has been busy baking!
Picture 52 Arthur growing some peppers
Picture 53 Homemade pizzas prepared by Arthur and Dylan
Picture 54 Dylan growing some carrots
Picture 55 Dylan doing his science experiment
Picture 56 Dylan growing runner beans
Picture 57 Marshall's amazing carrot
Picture 58 Chloe's science experiment
Picture 59 Kai and Alyssia doing a scavenger hunt
Picture 60 Emmie enjoying cooking
Picture 61 Saindhavi doing her science work
Picture 62 Lilah's super science work.
Picture 63 Isla's been exploring the outside with her family.
Picture 64 Amelia's science work.
Picture 65 Emily's carrot experiment is working!
Picture 66 Sam's rainbow experiment.
Picture 67 Charlotte making Jack's birthday cake.
Picture 68 Jack with his birthday cake!

Caleb's super science experiment

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Hannah and Emma doing a science experiment

Click here for Jack's chocolate cake recipe

Amelia's science work

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Percy's feathered friends

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Amber's amazing photos of her studying the life cycle of a caterpillar.

Hollie's super science work!

Alanis has been making dandelion honey!

Marshall's science experiment