Wavendon Gate School



Maths: In Maths this week we have been learning about Block Diagrams. We used the information given to us to create our own block diagram and then we were brilliant at answering questions like, who scored the most points? How many points altogether, if we add the red team and the blue teams scores?

Computing: We have been talking about how to keep passwords and information safe, then we designed some posters to remember the important messages.

Milton Keynes Recycling Factory (MRF) 2016

In Science and PSHE we have been learning about saving our planet by recycling. Here are some videos we have used to share at home.

The Milton Keynes Recycling sing-along song

Practise this at home.

Climate change (according to a kid)

Don't get climate change? Watch an animation explaining the phenomenon.

Science Experiment: Which material will absorb the water the best?

Stars of the Day during Janurary