Wavendon Gate School


Subject Stars

Our jumping hero Fadil is our Superstar for P,E. this week. Nobody could jump further than Fadil!

Introducing Freddie as our Art Superstar. Freddie was able to describe features of Walter Mason's work and offer an opinion on his likes and dislikes.

Austin was our Superstar for R.E. He was able to re-tell the creation story in great detail. Well done Austin.

Hollie R. was our subject star for history. She explained how hospitals in the past would not have had Covid restrictions. Clever girl.

Caleb was our Subject Star for science with his shared knowledge on healthy eating. Well done super scientist!

Our third subject star is Sara, who is loving writing her numbers to 100 and using a part-whole model to display her calculations. Well done Sara! 

Our subject star for reading this week was Azriel, well done KK!
Congratulations to Sam for being our Writing Subject Star this week! He gave Mrs Large lots to say in her speech bubble.