Wavendon Gate School


Subject Stars

Congratulations to Xander-James for being this week ICT subject star learner. Well done


Congratulations to Aiko and Sakura who were this weeks homework star learners. Well done to you both for working so hard on your phonics at home.

Congratulations to Ginny for being this weeks reading star for working so hard on improving her reading skills during lock down. Ginny has moved up a phonics group after working so hard on her reading. Well done Ginny

Congratulations to Ralph for being this weeks Art subject star for being able to explain what happens when you add white or black to a base colour. Well done Ralph

Congratulations to Molly for being this weeks Modern Foreign Languages subject star. Molly has done an amazing job at learning the signs for our Christmas performance of When Santa got stuck up the chimney. Well done Molly
Congratulations to Sienna who is this weeks subject star for PE. Sienna is always very speedy to get change for PE lessons and is always very enthusiastic. Well done Sienna.
Congratulations to Ellie who was this week Subject star for Art. Ellie is an amazing artist who worked very carefully to colour in a Rangoli pattern for Diwali. 
Congratulations to Noah who was this weeks subject Star for RE. Noah could confidently explain how his family celebrate Bon fire Night. Well Done Noah
Congratulations to Emma who is this week's Humanities subject star. Emma was chosen for being able to talk about her own home in great detail. Well done Emma :)
Congratulations to Isabella who is this week's science subject star learner. I was very impressed with her explanation on how rainbows are made. Well done Isabella.
Congratulations to Finley for being this week Maths Subject star learner. Finley was chosen for his super counting and for his ability to make towers to match the number card shown. Well done Finley.
Congratulations to Ellie who is the second Ladybird to be chosen as a subject star learner. Ellie was chosen as this week's writing star learner because she has worked very hard to learn to write her name. We are very proud of you Ellie.
Congratulations to Ginny for being the first Ladybird to be chosen as our Subject Star! Ginny is the Reading Star because she retold the story of The Gruffalo in great detail. Well Done Ginny. We are all very proud of you.