Wavendon Gate School


Subject Stars

Friday 6th May - Writing 

Congratulations to Henry G who was chosen as the Writing Subject Star. Henry G was chosen for using his phonics to help him sound out words and for writing in complete sentences. Well done Henry G.


Friday 29th April - Science 

Congratulations to Kaden who was chosen as the Science Subject Star. Kaden was chosen for doing a fantastic job looking after his sunflower and for being able to talk about what it needs to grow. Kaden has also shared photos of his pets with his class and has told them about how he looks after them and gives them the right food for their special diets. 


Friday 1st April - Maths

Congratulations to Andrew who was chosen as the Maths Subject Star. Andrew was chosen for his enthusiasm towards Maths activities and for independently writing his own number sentences. Well done Andrew. 


Friday 25th March - Reading 

Congratulations to Taylor-James who was chosen as the Reading Subject Star. Taylor-James was chosen for having a great attitude to reading and for completing lots of reads for our school Readathon. Well done Taylor-James. 


Friday 4th March - PE

Congratulations to Maisie who was chosen as the PE Subject Star. Maisie was chosen for being resilient in PE. Maisie tried her best during the pancake races and didn't give up even when the pancake kept falling off. Well done Maisie. 


Friday 18th February - Music

Congratulations to Brock who was chosen as the Music Subject Star. Brock was chosen for consistently finding new ways to move to the pulse of different pieces of music. Well done Brock. 


Friday 11th February - RE

Congratulations to Astrid who was chosen as the RE Subject Star. Astrid was chosen for being able to recall and talk about the Whoops-a-Daisy Angel Nativity and the birth of Jesus. Well done Astrid. 


Friday 4th February - Computing

Congratulations to Lottie C who was chosen as the Computing Subject Star. Lottie C was chosen for being able to use the iPad to take photos of her learning to send home to her family on Tapestry. Well done Lottie. 


Friday 21st January - Geography

Congratulations to Rosie M who was chosen as the Geography Subject Star. Rosie M was chosen for being able to talk about which animals live in the Antarctic. Well done Rosie. 


Friday 14th January - DT

Congratulations to Lilly who was chosen as the DT Subject Star. Lilly was chosen for independently making a Santa hat. Well done Lilly. 


Friday 3rd December - Writing

Congratulations to Joseph who was chosen as the Writing Subject Star. Joseph was chosen for his hard work and determination with his writing. Joseph has put a lot of effort into his writing and is now beginning to write sentences independently. Well done Joseph! 


Friday 26th November - PSHE

Congratulations to Alyssa who was chosen as the PSHE Subject Star. Alyssa was chosen for always thinking of others and putting their needs before hers. Alyssa will do whatever she can to make other people feel happy. Well done Alyssa! 


Friday 19th November - Science

Congratulations to Noah who was chosen as the Science Subject Star. Noah was chosen for his fantastic knowledge of Space. Noah has loved learning about Space and he can name and talk about the planets in the Solar System. 


Friday 12th November - Art

Congratulations to Daisy who was chosen as the Art Subject Star. Daisy was chosen for using play dough to make a detailed rocket. Well done Daisy. 


Friday 5th November - History

Congratulations to Thomas who was chosen as the History Subject Star (Understanding the World). Thomas was chosen for being able to talk about a special event in his life, in detail. Well done Thomas.