Wavendon Gate School


Trips and Visits

Bletchley Park Visit 2022


In order to support our topic 'Britain in the 1940s' Year 2 visited Bletchley Park, the home of the Code Breakers!


We had a fantastic day, exploring and discovering new ideas about coding and ciphers.  We explored the museum and manor house where the code breakers would have worked and lived.  We also saw various versions of the Enigma machine and learned about how they were used by the Axis powers to disguise and code important messages, but first they were originally used for banking!  


The children had a go and both encoding and deciphering their own messages during a workshop where they also were shown pictures and discussed the first ever computer the Colossus! Unfortunately we did not have time to explore the Computing museum.


We learned all about Alan Turing and how he and his team help to 'crack' the Enigma machine and how this led to the Allied Forces eventually winning the war as they were able to intercept and decode messages that the enemy thought were secret.  


We all had a wonderful day and learned a lot about World War 2.  Enjoy the photos!