Wavendon Gate School


Unit 12 - Click here

Monday's Work
Science - The life cycles of amphibians and insects. Use the PowerPoint and resources to learn more. 
Tuesday's Work
PSHE - Money Matters. Our new unit focuses on money and finance. Below you will find a PowerPoint with information to help you, a game that you could play, vocabulary cards and scenario cards. The PowerPoint will guide you through the learning.
Wednesday's Work
Geography - Use the PowerPoint to find out more about compass directions. There are then 2 activities to complete: Compass Directions and Compass Directions challenge.
Thursday's Work

Music - Log into Charanga YUMU. If you do not have your log in for Charanga, ask for it through the Home Learning email.


Activity 1: Listen and appraise 'Hungarian Dance Number 5' and 'The Blue Danube.'

Do you like the music? What instruments do you think you can hear?


Activity 2: Use the 'Quickbeats' to produce a small 4 bar composition. Listen carefully to the timbre (sound) of each instrument to decide where you want each instrument to play. Can you vary the texture of your piece to have a thick texture (lots of instruments playing together) and a thin texture (one or two instruments playing together) to create an interesting sample. 

Friday's Work

Computing Video 1

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Computing Video 2

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