Wavendon Gate School


Unit 14 - Click here

Monday's Work

Music - (You will need to log onto Yumu for this task) - This week's tasks are a bit of fun. Listen to and Appraise Big Bear Funk. Then remix the song! Create your own words using different animals and develop actions to Big Bear Funk. For the instrument section you can either find an instrument, make your own one or add dance moves. Then think about a costume, rehearse the song and get ready to perform! You may want to video this final performance and share it with your teacher! laugh

Tuesday's Work
Geography -  Use the PowerPoint recap what you have learned about maps so far. Included is a map for reference when completing the activity: Plan a journey around the map. You must visit at least 5 places of interest. Dont forget to record the co-ordinates and direction of travel each time.
Wednesday's Work
PHSE - Money Matters. Our new unit focuses on money and finance. Below you will find a PowerPoint with information to help you, a game that you could play, vocabulary cards and scenario cards. The PowerPoint will guide you through the learning.
Thursday's Work
Art - Create a sketch of an insect using pencil. Use a photo for reference. Try to include all of the detail that you can see.
Friday's Work
Computing - Online Safety - Fake! Use the PowerPoint to find out more about photo-shopped images, have a go at creating your own and learn about the risks of "believing your eyes!"