Wavendon Gate School


Weekly Spellings

This page will be updated weekly with the spellings we'll be learning in class. Our spelling tests are on Fridays, so make sure you're practicing these words in your neatest handwriting!

Year 2 Spellings 20.5.22

Set A



These words sound the SAME but mean different things depending on the sentence they are in.  Can you use them in a sentence?


Key Words

  • Night
  • Knight
  • One
  • Won
  • Blew
  • Blue
  • Bare
  • Bear
  • Be
  • Bee

Set B


i-e   igh   sounds

Key Words

  • slide
  • bride
  • tide
  • tile
  • while
  • smile
  • right
  • flight
  • bright
  • fright