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Wildlife Club

Wildlife Club Garden Patch and Bug Hotel


Mrs Murray's Wildlife Club are very proud to announce that they have started work on both a bug hotel and garden patch this month.


The garden patch is situated on the field, just outside of the year one classes. We are planning to start on a vegetable patch there, too. Outside the lunch hall there is also a herb garden where a wild hedgehog has recently been spotted. It may come back, so keep your eyes peeled!


Meanwhile, we have also began a bug hotel, which may unfortunately be of short notice to the rest of the school as it is in an area of the field inaccessible to pupils most of the time. We have a healthy population of breeding spiders there, and soon many other mini-beasts will make a home there (judging by the warm conditions that are arriving in MK.


Thank you for reading. Wildlife Club are also representing Wavendon Gate School the coming month for an exclusive Parks Trust Junior Ranger Workshop.


By Kian, 5B      

RSPB - Birdsong Takeover


On the 17th of October 2019, the RSPB will be having their Birdsong Takeover. This scheme is for people to listen to birdsong in their homes and to show them how precious birds are.

All across the United Kingdom, our feathered friends are in decline. Last year, 85 birds of prey were killed and baring in mind there are almost none left, this becomes a very large number and many more were left homeless when their habitats and hunting grounds were destroyed. All other bird species are also endangered.

You can listen to birdsong right now by typing in the link below on Google, and listening to live birdsong from across the country.

Just download the Birdsong Radio and you will be ready to go.

Take part in the birdsong takeover on the 17th of October to save the birds!


Kian 5B

New Planet Earth

Programme - Coming in 2022!


It might seem like a long time off, but Kian from Year 4 (also a member of Wildlife Club) has had an email from BBC Earth informing him of a new David Attenborough programme being commissioned for 2022.  It is amazing that David Attenborough continues to inspire people to care about the natural world.This will be the third Planet Earth series and there will also be a few other programmes-including Frozen Planet Two! Also in 2019, 2020 and 2021 there will be even more documentaries. In 2018 the wonderful programme Dynasties was broadcast, each episode about a different individual animal and their families.  To find out more you can go to This is just a message for anyone who is interested. By Kian Tehrani.

About Wildlife Club 


Wildlife Club, run by Mrs Murray in Class 3B, has been going on every Monday since September 2018. The members are Junior Park Rangers and they get to go to workshops. Our latest one was at Hazeley Wood. There we got to plant bluebells, make dens, and roast marshmallows over a campfire.


We also like to launch competitions. One of the most recent was the Countryside Code, where you had to write the rules down:

. Respect

. Protect

. Enjoy 

In our assemblies we announce the winners of our wildlife competitions and show you how to help your local wildlife.

Opposite of the school library is our Wildlife Board. You can check it for ideas about helping wildlife. Down the school corridor you can see the Litter Board, about plastic pollution.